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Luxury House in Chianti Region Tuscany

Also for this year Tuscany has turned out to be the preferred destination for purchases and investments in real estate.

The huge heritage of historic houses, luxury villas, castles, ancient palaces, towers and farmhouses, makes our territory with its cities of art and its pristine nature one of the favorite places for tourists and famous people from all over the world, who fall in love with our territory, of its history and its traditions that make our lifestyle unique, for this reason they buy and move here.

These elements have decreed the success of the international real estate market in Tuscany, especially in areas such as Chianti, Crete Senesi, Valdorcia and Florentine hills.

which have been enriched with luxury private residences, recovered from old buildings and divided into luxury apartments or private residences, so as to become a niche market in the type luxury real estate.

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Buying Luxury home in Tuscany a good investment?

Tuscany is an area of constant economic growth. Its main cities and localities, such as Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pienza, Chianti, and Valdorcia, are poles of attraction for national and international investments. Here are some of the reasons why Tuscany is an ideal place to invest:

  • it is one of the main tourist locations in Italy. This translates into a constant flow of visitors, which is a great incentive to invest in hospitality;
  • it is famous for its fine wines. The wine industry is constantly growing, creating opportunities for those who want to invest in vineyards, wineries and wine-related businesses;
  • it is a region rich in history and culture. Art, literature and architecture are an integral part of Tuscan life, attracting collectors, lovers of the arts and ancient traditions from all over the world;
  • is famous for its production of olive oil, cheese, meat and other high quality food products. Investing in agriculture and food production is an attractive option, considering the growing demand for genuine and organic food products with PDO and PGI labels;
  • is renowned for its cuisine throughout the world. The Mediterranean diet, with its fresh, high-quality ingredients, is an integral part of Tuscan culture, also in combination with fine wines.
  • is an area rich in natural water resources. The presence of abundant water sources not only provides a crucial advantage for agriculture through efficient irrigation systems, but also guarantees a high quality drinking water supply. The presence of such a valuable resource not only adds value to property, but also underlines the region’s commitment to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Tuscany is also known for offering exceptional wellness and lifestyle. This is why many people choose to move to this region.
It enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm, sunny summers. This pleasant climate allows one to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities throughout the year.

The lifestyle centred on the Mediterranean diet and outdoor life means that Tuscany boasts a population known for longevity. Investing in a property here not only offers a unique cultural experience, but can also mean adopting a lifestyle that promotes long-term health and well-being.
From the hills of Val d’Orcia and Chianti to the beaches of the coast, Tuscany is a paradise for nature lovers. The region offers numerous opportunities for hiking, cycling and outdoor activities.

What Makes a Property Luxurious?

Luxury is closely linked to a concept of exclusivity, an elitist and distinctive value attributed by a person to what he owns.

A luxury property can be either a 50mq apartment with an extraordinary view over the rooftops of Siena or the cathedral of Florence or a 9th century castle in the heart of Chianti.

It is appropriate to make a deep distinction between the adjectives “expensive” and “luxury“. Not always what has a high price cold be term “luxury”, and vice versa.

It is possible to buy an extremely expensive property that has any typical characteristics of luxury (uniqueness of the place where it is located, exclusivity of its history for example) and it is also possible to buy properties with competitive prices that offer emotional experiences more unique than rare.

Characteristics of Luxury Homes in Tuscany

The historic houses, luxury houses, prestigious farmhouses have all the following characteristics:

1. Location

They are located in historic centers or in a dominant position with a unique and wonderful view of our towns and villages, the surrounding countryside.

Often they are surrounded by beautiful gardens with tall trees, enriched by infinity pools to enjoy breathtaking sunsets. The view from each window or terrace looks like a postcard or a artphoto of vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields.
The houses are enriched with crenellated walls or architectural details that blend harmoniously in the sinuosity of our countryside

Tuscan luxury villa

2. Interior finishes


They are homes embellished with valuable interior finishes that give prestige to every detail.

Often the renovation enhances the doors and fixtures of the period, gives shine to coffered ceilings, decorations and frescoes to the ceiling.

The materials used are the original ones, stone for the floors, travertine for the stairs and fireplaces.

In a contemporary key the use of traditional materials embellishes the architectural tradition, making current buildings dating back centuries.


Luxury country home in Tuscany

3. Structure

The residences, both villas and apartments in the village, both in number and composition, are bound by the structure of the building because the attention to protect the territory and the architectural tradition is high and inspired by a concept of conservation of each building in harmony with the landscape.

In luxury residences, some features, such as the large representative hall, with coffered ceilings and the antique fireplace, represent a unique scenario typical of this type of property only.

    Old Italian villa interior

    4. Suggestions

    The ancient historical houses give emotions not comparable to other buildings, whether only for the fact of owning or living in a building that was the residence, or to which is linked the name, of this or that character who wrote the history of Tuscany, of Florence and the Renaissance.

    Or a place scenario of events that keeps the traces of the passage of history that can reach up to a thousand years before.

    Italian painting

    5. Functionality

    The first great need of those who buy luxury properties is the possibility of being able to benefit from the spaces of the house to be lived outdoors. Have flexible and multifunctional spaces like swimming pool, gym, sauna, turkish bath.

    Thus a dining room can become an area used for meetings and the living room a business room. Technology is essential, from wireless audio systems to having docking stations for electric cars.

    Even the style changes. Especially millennials prefer floor plans with open spaces on the floors and less formal layouts.

    The proximity of towns with services is sought. And the post-covid will reward the resorts that offer beautiful homes but a particular lifestyle that combines well-being and elegance.

    Tuscany is a unique place and this uniqueness has given life to a type of residences with an authentic flavor.
    A tradition, an historical experience safeguarded by an architectural and urban approach that would enhance the essence.

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